Nectar Smart Garden 3D Model

Enjoy the fruits
without the labor

Apart from being messy, gardening requires time, space, and optimal weather conditions – factors that prevent far too many people from growing their own herbs and produce. So we at Hummingbird Technologies designed the Nectar Smart Garden, an innovative approach to gardening that allows you to experience:

  • Hassle free gardening

  • Organic food grown in your home

  • A year-round growing season

  • A solution to space constraints

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Reimagining gardening with NectarSmart™ technology

Keeping plants alive is difficult. They need just the right amount of water, just the right temperature, the right humidity, the right lighting, and on and on. The Nectar Smart Garden finally makes gardening easy thanks to our NectarSmart™ technology—a system of sensors and microcontrollers that detects what your plants need and adjusts the Nectar’s environment accordingly. Click icons below for more info.

Temperature Control

Plants require the right temperature in order to germinate, grow, and flower. The Nectar Smart Garden can regulate the temperature to provide optimal conditions for your garden.

Humidity Control

Some plants have adapted to survive in dry climates, while others prefer higher levels of moisture. With the Nectar Smart Garden, you can control the humidity of your plants’ environment.

pH Balance

Depending on what you’re growing, your plants may prefer soil that’s acidic, neutral, or alkaline. The Nectar Smart Garden adjusts the pH level to fit your garden’s needs.

Hydroponic System

No need to worry about under-watering or drowning your plants. The Nectar Smart Garden feeds and waters your garden with a nutrient mineral solution.

Full Spectrum LED Lights

Plants respond to certain wavelengths of light better than others. Luckily for you, the Nectar Smart Garden’s color-changing LED lights can find the perfect color for your plant.

Machine Learning

The Nectar Smart Garden uses various sensors to determine your garden’s optimal environment. It then utilizes machine learning algorithms to respond to your plants’ needs.

The complete suite of Nectar products

Hummingbird Technologies is constantly looking for new ways make our intelligent gardening system even smarter. Currently, we’re developing a smartphone application and seed kit program that provide the users with new ways of growing.

Smartphone App

Status Updates from Your Plant

The Nectar mobile app crunches data collected from its sensors to provide status updates—that way, you’ll know if your plants are happy and growing. You can also use the app to learn about estimated harvest dates and estimated yield. Plus, you can show off your healthy, happy plant on social media!

Seed kits

Pick a Plant, Any Plant!

Choose from a wide range of organic seed kits. Now growing the plant of your choice is as easy as dropping the seed kit into the Nectar Smart Garden.

About Hummingbird Technologies Inc.

The founders, Tejash Patel, Marin Assaliyski and Danny Varghese met at Illinois Institute of Technology while pursuing their undergraduate degrees in 2007. They saw that more and more people were wanting to grow their own produce and herbs, yet time and space constraints made home gardening difficult for these individuals.

Tejash, Marin, and Danny believed that they had the combined technological and business experience to develop an innovative solution. Together they founded Hummingbird Technologies Inc. In 2015 the company was awarded $50,000 by Arch Grants to fund the development of the Nectar Smart Garden. Since then, their work has been featured in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, the St. Louis Business Journal, and more. You can learn more about the background of the founders here.


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