The Grand Unveiling

Alright, I agree it’s been a while since the prototype was released but there was no formal way to release it other than through videos on YouTube. The first reveal was done through a simple ad to show you the amazing potential of Nectar’s gardening technology. For anyone who was looking for a digital gardening experience, the ad goes over the smartphone gardening aspect that enables anyone to monitor their plants remotely.

Now that was a cool video. I have to say that the soundtrack itself gave me goosebumps. Props to Zeke Saucedo for coming up with that sweet background beat although it might have been lifted straight from Garage Band. The ad turned out to be great and it is exactly what we envision the product to be. Nectar gives you the power to garden when you’re home, at work or at your friend’s bachelor party. However, gardening is not recommended during bachelor parties as your friends are sure to pounce on you to see the beautiful Nectar at work and the groom to be might not be too pleased to lose all the attention.

Nectar is a work in progress and these prototypes are a testament to how far we have come. I will do another post on our prototype progression as our journey till here has taken a few iterations. If you saw our first prototype, you’ll know what I mean. I am going to upload more pictures of the beautiful under different LED lighting colors. That’s right, another benefit from using the Nectar is the color changing LEDs that can add vibrancy and color to your living room. It’s time to turn the living room in to an actual “living” room.

For your further viewing pleasure, here are more pictures of our prototype so you can appreciate Nectar in all its prototype glory.